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White Papers Regulation

Understanding and preparing for the impact of PSD2 - What is PSD2?

01 April 2019

First Data paper on what PSD2 is and the impact of the application of PSD2.

White Papers P2P Lending

The outlook for peer-to-peer lending firms in 2019/2020

31 March 2019

Bovill's analysis of peer to peer lending regulation and what can be expected considering the ai...

White Papers Banking

The outlook for retail banks and lending firms in 2019/20

31 March 2019

This paper from Bovill highlights important regulatory considerations in the area of retail banking....

White Papers FinTech

The Cashless Society: Are You Ready?

31 March 2019

This paper looks at the UK's move towards a cashless society and what is driving this. It also d...

White Papers FinTech

The future is open: Reshaping the banking experience

31 March 2019

A brief discussion on how banks can embrace FinTech opportunities to overcome the issues which are i...

White Papers FinTech

UK FinTech: State of the Nation

31 March 2019

An overview and analysis of British Fintech market with an optimistic view about maintaining a stron...

White Papers Digital Transformation

The Future of Retail Commerce - 7 Key Trends: The Digitalisation of Retail

31 March 2019

First Data paper on the 7 key trends in the future of retail commerce and the digitalisation of reta...

White Papers FinTech

Global Risk 2019: Creating a More Digital, Resilient Bank

26 March 2019

This report by BCG looks at risk in banking and how technology can be used to create more secur...

Videos FinTech

Europe’s Fintech Revolution

25 March 2019

Goldman Sachs: "The fintech landscape is rapidly changing around the world, and that’s es...

White Papers Blockchain

Blockchain - are you engaged?

19 March 2019

DAC Beachcroft look at Blockchain from a legal perspective with a particular focus on what it m...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

Make Way for Advanced Financial Analytics

14 March 2019

This paper discusses how finance organisations can make best use of financial analytics to improve i...

Thought Leadership FinTech

The Potential and Perils of Financial Technology: Can the Law adapt to cope?

14 March 2019

This speech gives an overview of key FinTech developments as well as a discussion of potential...

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