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Data: Poison or cure?

27 May 2021

How data intelligence is the cure for complex compliance.One person’s poison is another’s cure. Data...

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How data can help you get started with ESG

11 May 2021

For many organisations, ESG, that’s environmental social and corporate governance is becoming increa...

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Building Better Credit: How alternative data and partnerships can reshape banking

15 March 2021

A multi-generational shift towards mobile banking has altered the data that banks can use to underst...

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How Data Is Earning Its Place in Insurance Corporate Strategies

08 December 2020

Insurance Leaders Unveil How Their Corporate Strategies Are Influenced by the Rise of Data and Digit...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

Work smarter. Think clearer. A small business guide to better understanding your data

09 November 2020

How cloud accounting can sharpen your processes and generate powerful insights for growth As a sm...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

Improving Performance Across the Enterprise

02 September 2020

How Data and Insights Help Accelerate Revenue, Reduce Cost, Manage Risk, and Transform Your Business

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Transforming data collection from the UK financial sector

10 January 2020

By responding to this discussion paper, you provide personal data to the Bank of England. This may i...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

The future of intelligence analysis

20 December 2019

A task-level view of the impact of artificial intelligence on intel analysis. How will artificial...

Articles Data & Analytics

Creating Value from Data: Why you need to take a strategic approach to maximise the value of your data

04 August 2019

As advanced economies continue their transition from physical production to services and intangible....

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