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Thought Leadership Embedded Finance

How embedded finance is rewiring 'traditional' financial services first

28 March 2023

We’ve all heard the talk of the embedded finance revolution. It’s enabling any business to incorpora...

Thought Leadership Diversity

Why diversity sits at the heart of FinTech products

31 March 2021

FOREWORD FROM FINTECH ALLIANCEIn any industry, problems must be recognised and fully understood befo...

Thought Leadership Business

Implications of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement for Financial Services

12 January 2021

With the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement of 24 December 2020 ("Agreement"), the UK a...

Thought Leadership Insurance

What Does the Digital Landscape Look Like for Insurance?

08 December 2020

Emerging Digital Trends in Insurance “The world as we know it today wouldn’t work ver...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

How Data Is Earning Its Place in Insurance Corporate Strategies

08 December 2020

Insurance Leaders Unveil How Their Corporate Strategies Are Influenced by the Rise of Data and Digit...

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

Work smarter. Think clearer. A small business guide to better understanding your data

09 November 2020

How cloud accounting can sharpen your processes and generate powerful insights for growth As a sm...

Thought Leadership Diversity

Make Money Equal

09 November 2020

The media speaks to men and women differently about money. At Starling, we’re campaigning to #...

Thought Leadership Technology

Creating a blueprint for UK competitiveness

19 October 2020

Executive Sumary One year ago, the world was a very different place. In our 2019 report,&nbs...

Thought Leadership Banking

UK Banking App Review 2020: A comprehensive benchmark study of UK mobile banking apps

02 October 2020

What you will learn: Data from over 100 UK mobile banking apps from more than 50 different...

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