The Vision

FinTech Alliance, in partnership with the UK Government, is a multifaceted digital engagement platform that brings the global FinTech ecosystem together to explore, engage and do business. This will be the first ever community driven platform for the whole FinTech Industry, where all profits made will be reinvested back into the FinTech sector, providing a fully inclusive environment to support FinTech growth and empower UK business with comprehensive information, services and intelligence.

There are currently many great programmes, initiatives and intelligence sources that exist across different channels. FinTech Alliance aims to bring all the information, knowledge and resources together in one easily accessible location, allowing companies working in the sector to;

  • Raise brand profile and find business opportunities
  • Access services, tools, resources, advice and mentoring
  • Build a network of contacts and interact with key stakeholders
  • Connect with investors to meet capital requirements
  • Quickly and easily attract & hire talent
  • Explore regional and international opportunities
  • Receive the latest news, policy and regulatory updates, insights, events & intelligence
  • Distribute content, join conversations, meet their peers, create relationships and learn from other leaders
  • Attend masterclasses and upskill
About FinTech Alliance
About FinTech Alliance


We are offering an opportunity for organisations that are working in FinTech sector to be profiled across our digital marketplace.

  • Prominent brand visibility – they will have their own dedicated area which will have their logo, company profile, contact details, team information with full bio’s, market offer displayed to the community
  • Showcase your story – the ability to host content, reports, case studies and press releases
  • Promote special offers and opportunities to the community
  • Links to their website to help drive traffic and SEO performance
  • Attract talent – list employment opportunities and connect with community members who match their requirements
  • Seek investment – list funding requirements and get connected to investors who match their needs
  • Meet partners and customers
  • Get first access to industry RFP’s and tenders to win new business


Cutting through the noise and complexity to give you a 360-degree view about everything FinTech.

Access the latest intelligence, players and opportunities into a single lens. Fast and reliable access to what you need, when you need it.

About FinTech Alliance