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BJSS on: Banking in the cloud – how to do it right

27 April 2022

Cloud computing is proven to be a key enabler of positive change. Yet, many banks are adopting the t...

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Driving successful cloud transformation

27 July 2021

Capital market firms face the challenge to evolve at pace with technology, so that they're able to i...

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How to fully benefit from cloud migration opportunities

20 May 2021

The How to get the most out of the Cloud? report presents a worldwide perspective on Cloud migration...

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The Future of Cloud 2021 - Evolving the Financial Services Industry.

26 April 2021

Fintech firms have been faster to innovate. Many, in fact, were created to address consumer dissatis...

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When we say “cloud”, what do we really mean?

20 December 2019

Every day, I work with banks who are on the journey to the cloud. As I help them navigate their rout...

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Cloud computing: a silver lining for Banks?

11 August 2019

Some banks in the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) now offer registration via facial recognition o...

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