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Articles Financial Education

Embedded finance: Financial services whenever and wherever customers need them

03 August 2021

Financial services is in the midst of a broad-sweeping digital transformation that is changing how,...

Articles Digital Transformation

Building a frictionless future

03 August 2021

Capital markets firms are targeting new paths to growth — but they’ll be hard fought Find out m...

White Papers Cloud

Driving successful cloud transformation

27 July 2021

Capital market firms face the challenge to evolve at pace with technology, so that they're able to i...

White Papers Payments

Make payment optimization a part of your core payment strategy

27 July 2021

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 62% of purchase transactions in 2018 came in...

Articles Consumer Lending

What’s next: How consumer goods leaders envision tomorrow

27 July 2021

In partnership with The Consumer Goods Forum, PwC’s latest report examines how business leaders are...

Articles FinTech

Leaders vs Laggards: How FinTechs and non-banks are fast-tracking financial technology innovation

22 July 2021

A new major study provides insider tips on how FinTechs and non-banks are responding to the post-pan...

White Papers Big Data

Alternative data brings opportunities to the financial sector

22 July 2021

In the past year, alternative data has experienced a powerful surge of growth. At Oxylabs, we have s...

Articles Wealth Management

World wealth report 2021

22 July 2021

The special 25th anniversary edition of Capgemini’s World Wealth Report (WWR) examines the global HN...

Articles Payments

Mobile and digital payments continue upswing

20 July 2021

The way people pay continues to evolve. Still, many people aren't aware of the paymen...

Articles Open Banking

Merchants see open banking as path to personalizing consumer experiences

20 July 2021

Financial institutions, FinTechs and merchants alike are all seeking out technologies that could hel...

Articles Capital Markets

Regulatory governance in private markets

20 July 2021

Download your free copy of Delio's latest research report.As demand for access to private markets ac...

White Papers Venture Capital

Demystifying venture capital: Helping founders make sense of the venture capital process

14 July 2021

Venture capitalists sell money. Their job is to sell their money to very high growth businesses in r...

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