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White Papers Diversity

Tech Nation: Ethnic diversity in UK FinTech

21 June 2022

To date there has been sparse quantitative evidence developed to answer the question, what is the le...

White Papers FinTech

Erlang Solutions: FinTech Trends for 2022

21 June 2022

This report brings together industry research and expert views from the FinTech world to share knowl...

White Papers FinTech

Changing the face of UK FinTech: focusing on gender diversity and equality

09 June 2022

EY and Innovate Finance joined forces to look at gender diversity and how the FinTech sector can bec...

White Papers Digital Currency

Study on New Digital Payment Methods

25 May 2022

This study seeks to provide the European Central Bank (ECB) with a thorough understanding of the cur...

White Papers Technology

e-HKD: A technical perspective

19 May 2022

This whitepaper is part of the technology experimentation study under Project e-HKD. It explores pot...

White Papers Market Data

Cardlytics: Q1 State of Spend

19 May 2022

With insight into 1 out of every 2 debit and credit card swipes in the US, Cardlytics is committed t...

White Papers FinTech

OpenPayd: Embedded Finance Research Report

12 May 2022

Are large brands outside of the FinTech bubble really taking embedded finance seriously? Are they pu...

White Papers FinTech

Fintech Leaders Report: In-depth insight into the future of FinTech

10 May 2022

Are you ready for what lies ahead?FinTech Leaders Report is an influential global study on the indus...

White Papers FinTech

FT Partners Research on: Q1 2022 Highlights

10 May 2022

This report offers a meticulous insight into global financing and M&A statistics in the world of...

White Papers FinTech

CBI Insights: The State Of Fintech: Q1 2022 Report

04 May 2022

Even when FinTech isn’t outdoing its previous quarters’ impressive numbers, and breaking/setting new...

White Papers Blockchain

PwC on: DeFi - Defining the future of finance

04 May 2022

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has experienced tremendous growth since mid-2020. While it is still in....

White Papers A.I.

Comarch on: Knowledge is power – the role of AI in building loyalty in finance

27 April 2022

What you will find in this useful free e-book:Our e-book discusses the role of artificial intelligen...

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