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White Papers SME

Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments - Now Is the Time to Capitalize on SMEs’ Cross-Border Payments

05 May 2021

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a dynamic force in the global economy today and a growing sou...

Videos FinTech

Creating value in FinTech deals

05 May 2021

'If you look at FinTech and financial technology, it has been around for decades and so have deals i...

Articles Cyber Security

CyberSecurity in FinTech - How to Develop a Secure FinTech App

05 May 2021

Developing a secure FinTech application is a complicated, time-consuming, and, most importantly, exp...

Articles Payments

The Payments Revolution - Fintech Unwrapped

05 May 2021

Looking at the trends and startups powering change in the consumer payments sector.The payments spac...

Articles FinTech

The Future of Finance - A glimpse into how the future is transforming finance for the better

04 May 2021

Six trends that will change accounting and finance as we know it:Artificial IntelligenceBig Data&nbs...

Articles Technology

Across Fjord Trends 2021 - mapping out the new territory

04 May 2021

With the events of 2020 upending so much of what we took for granted, we now need to look ahead with...

Articles Banking

New cost imperatives in banking - Gaining greater efficiency

04 May 2021

The cost agenda has propelled to one of the top priorities for banks around the world as a result of...

Podcasts FinTech

What impact have Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic had on FinTechs in the UK?

29 April 2021

The focus now is on global connectivity, reducing siloes and improving resilience. After a pause in...

Articles Cyber Security

Better by design? Re-thinking AML for a digital age

29 April 2021

We ask how the approach to AML can be improved: Can broader adoption of Artificial Intelligence and...

Articles Banking

What is Bacs? Complete Guide to Bacs Payments

29 April 2021

Bacs (or BACS) is an acronym that stands for Bankers’ Automated Clearing System. Put simply, it is a...

White Papers Banking

Bounce-Back Banking: 5 markers for success in delivering SME financial services

28 April 2021

Across Europe, SMEs account for two-thirds of all employment, and more than half of all gross value...

Articles Banking

Future of Banking - What we lose when bank branches disappear?

26 April 2021

During COVID-19 we became accustomed to the sight of shuttered bank branches. Now, as lockdown eases...

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