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White Papers FinTech

London's Fintech Ecosystem: A Current Account

31 March 2018

The paper gives an in-depth analysis of the UK and London FinTechs. It also provides commentary on t...

White Papers FinTech

Supporting UK FinTech: Accessing a Global Talent Pool

31 March 2018

Innovate Finance talk about the importance of utilising global talent within the FinTech sector...

White Papers Open Banking

The Bank of England – Open to Fintech

22 March 2018

A speech on the open approach the Bank of England will be taking towards Fintech innovation.

White Papers Blockchain

Blockchain: How Innovative Technology Can Improve Compliance Procedures

01 March 2018

Lawson Conner discusses Blockchain's use in the compliance and regulatory sector, such as K...

White Papers FinTech

FinTech Nation 2018

01 March 2018

Innovate Finance provides a collection of essays from industry leaders on a range of issues in...

White Papers Blockchain

The Future is Decentralised

01 March 2018

This paper from the United Nations Development Programme discusses how blockchain works and how it i...

White Papers Banking

Implications of FinTech Developments for Banks and Bank Supervisors

27 February 2018

The Bank of International Settlements explores the implications of FinTech developments for banks an...

Thought Leadership Capital Markets

Algorithmic & Electronic Trading: Are your controls keeping up with the ever evolving Risk & Regulatory landscape?

05 February 2018

Cost benefits and the ability to dramatically increase revenue have made Algorithmic Trading an attr...

White Papers Insurance

Insurance beyond digital: The rise of ecosystems and platforms

01 January 2018

The article discusses how insurers will need to adapt to thrive as an ecosystem by broadening their...

White Papers Banking

The Decline in Access to Correspondent Banking Services in Emerging Markets: Trends, Impacts, and Solutions

01 January 2018

To move funds internationally, banks rely on correspondent banking relationships (CBRs), roughly def...

White Papers Payments

ISO 20022 for Unifying FinTech discussion paper

08 October 2017

This paper written by Swift talks on how ISO20022 is an opportunity to widen financial inclusio...

Videos Technology

How Fintech can positively impact the world | Spiros Margaris | TEDxAcademy

28 September 2017

Venture capitalist and advisor, Spiros Margaris, discusses how technology and coding will change our...

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