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White Papers Blockchain

Breaking blockchain open: Deloitte’s 2018 global blockchain survey

02 September 2018

Deloitte's global blockchain survey providing broad analysis of the blockchain industry.

White Papers Open Banking

Open banking’s next wave: Perspectives from three fintech CEOs

31 July 2018

McKinsey article discusses where open banking will be going next. The CEOs of Ping Identity, Pl...

White Papers Banking

Attacking the cost of cash

31 July 2018

McKinsey considers cash costs and how they will be crucial for financial institutions looking t...

White Papers Regulation

Global Financial Innovation Network (GFIN)

31 July 2018

A consultation document from the FCA regarding the case for establishing a global FinTech sandbox.

White Papers FinTech

The Pulse of FinTech 2018 H1

30 July 2018

An analysis of Global FinTech investment, trends, and activities within the FinTech sector glob...

Thought Leadership Technology

Top Trends for the Future of IT Procurement

30 June 2018

A discussion over how the role of technology procurement will change over the coming years as it bec...

Articles FinTech

Why fintechs are missing out by ignoring older generations

30 June 2018

This article looks at why FinTechs are missing out by ignoring older generations. It also discu...

Videos FinTech

What is fintech? | CNBC Explains

06 June 2018

CNBC International: "It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s changing everythin...

Thought Leadership Banking

Redefining Corporate Banking Relationships in a Digital World

17 May 2018

BCG highlight two new archetypes for client service within banking, Virtual and Bionic, that will he...

White Papers Machine Learning

Sustainable Financial Services in the Digital Age

30 April 2018

This paper looks at key digital changes in the industry and the effects of these. Specifically,...

White Papers FinTech

Finance for Fintech

30 April 2018

A survey and commentary of 400 FinTechs across 8 countries looking at their expansion, priorities, a...

White Papers FinTech

Mind The Gap: Addressing Challenges to Fintech Adoption

31 March 2018

Accenture discusses why collaboration between FinTech and institutional finance is difficult. The ar...

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