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Videos FinTech

Creating value in FinTech deals

05 May 2021

'If you look at FinTech and financial technology, it has been around for decades and so have deals i...

Videos Open Banking

Open Banking: The Road Ahead

12 August 2019

In June 2018 PwC launched The future of banking is open: how to seize the Open Banking opportunity -...

Videos Accelerator

The Launch of Accelerate and Mastercard's Fintech Journey

03 June 2019

Mastercard speaks at Money20/20 Europe about the changing fintech landscape, the launch of Accelerat...

Videos Open Banking

World FinTech Report 2019: Leapfrogging Open Banking to Open X

03 June 2019

Capgemini: "The financial services industry is shifting from open banking to an impending phase...

Videos FinTech

Investopedia: Fintech

16 May 2019

Investopedia page and video that explain what Fintech is.

Videos FinTech

Fintech Companies To Buy And Watch Amid Rise Of Digital Payments

23 April 2019

Investor's Business Daily: "Modern technology has vastly altered the competitive landscape...

Videos SME

How Fintech Can Push Small Businesses to the Next Level

21 April 2019

Karen Mills, former director at Small Business Administration, discusses the influence of smaller fi...

Videos Capital Markets

Capital Market Development and the FinTech Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges

10 April 2019

World Bank Live: "What opportunities and challenges do changes in financial technologies presen...

Videos FinTech

Europe’s Fintech Revolution

25 March 2019

Goldman Sachs: "The fintech landscape is rapidly changing around the world, and that’s es...

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