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Taming the 'Wild West': Fintech Developments across EMEA

07 March 2019

This paper from Clifford Chance takes a look at FinTech developments across EMEA and how regulators...

White Papers FinTech

Lending for Entrepreneurs, by Entrepreneurs - Annual Report 2018

05 March 2019

OakNorth was conceived by the Bank’s founders Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman with a simple but....

White Papers Banking

Bank to the Future

04 March 2019

A look at the potential consequences of technological change in banking while ensuring cor...

Thought Leadership Asset Management

Fintech regulation: Balancing risk and innovation

01 March 2019

A brief outline of current uncertainty regarding Fintech regulation how asset managers should r...

White Papers Banking

Technology and innovation in global capital markets

01 March 2019

PwC looks at current trends in technology and innovation and their impact on the ‘Investm...

Thought Leadership Machine Learning

Voice assistants in Financial Services: If you want voice assistants to engage, teach them the art of conversation

01 March 2019

Developing a voice assistant for use within retail banking and what would enable it to succeed as a....

White Papers FinTech

Quarterly Bulletin 2019 Q1: Topical article Embracing the promise of fintech

01 March 2019

A discussion on the promise of FinTech as well as the new financial risk and instability it could br...

Case Studies Customer Loyalty

2018 U.K. Prepaid Gift Cards Survey

01 March 2019

This paper tries to understand and track trends in physical or eGift/digital gift card usage among b...

White Papers FinTech

FinTech and market structure in financial services: Market developments and potential financial stability implications

14 February 2019

The FSB addresses what the future of FinTech may be and how big tech firms could hold the potential....

White Papers FinTech

Future of FinTech Roundtable

14 February 2019

DAC Beachcroft provides some short insights from a range of professionals in the sector on key issue...

White Papers FinTech

The Pulse of Fintech 2018

13 February 2019

An analysis of Global FinTech investment, trends, and activities within the FinTech sector glob...

White Papers FinTech

Fintech in 2019 – Five trends to watch

31 January 2019

This paper looks at technology as it continues to have an enormous impact on financial services...

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