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White Papers FinTech

EBA report on the impact of Fintech on payment institutions' and e-money institutions' business models

10 July 2019

This report focuses on the current trends and drivers shaping the business models of payment institu...

Thought Leadership Technology

Technology trends 2019: The importance of trust

09 July 2019

What role should technology companies play in managing the way innovations are perceived by society....

Thought Leadership Data & Analytics

Putting a value on data

09 July 2019

The value of information assets has never been greater. In a rapidly evolving data landscape, more a...

Articles IOT

Voice assistants in Financial Services - a strategic imperative

04 July 2019

The rapid emergence of the smartphone as the prime user interface forced financial services (FS) org...

Articles Technology

FS leaders walk the technology risk-reward tightrope in their search for growth

03 July 2019

The modern Financial Services (FS) industry, which in the UK contributes around £119bn a year....

Articles A.I.

Why FS Leaders are Approaching AI with Caution

03 July 2019

The continued growth of the digital environment makes the adoption of artificial intelligence an imp...

White Papers FinTech

Temenos EIU FinTech Report

02 July 2019

Between January and March 2019, 405 global retail banking executives were surveyed by The Economist....

White Papers Banking

The future of finance report

19 June 2019

Huw van Steenis looks at how the economy is changing and how finance can serve and support these cha...

White Papers Financial Planning

Mansion House Dinner Speech 2019- Philip Hammond

19 June 2019

Nine years ago, I stepped into the Cabinet Room for the first time – part of a team that faced...

White Papers Investment

British Business Bank Small Business Equity Tracker 2019

14 June 2019

The amount of equity invested in smaller UK businesses rose 5% to £6.7bn in 2018, the highest...

White Papers Technology

UK Digital Tech Census

11 June 2019

In early 2019 The Data City reached a key milestone; successfully classifying over 1 million UK orga...

White Papers FinTech

Decentralised financial technologies: Report on financial stability, regulatory and governance implications

05 June 2019

Many types of financial service providers are incorporating new technologies that could decentralise...

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