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Articles FinTech

Is Uber steering more and more towards fintech?

09 September 2019

The firm has long been hailed as unsustainable by critics owing to its lack of a path towards profit...

Thought Leadership Technology

How Machine Vision Can Transform Financial Services

09 September 2019

The implementation of machine vision in finance is proving to be beneficial not only to businesses b...

Articles Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks: Protecting the Financial Service Sector’s Data Centres

09 September 2019

Financial services have been in a state of war, with constant cyber threats trying to breach their e...

Thought Leadership Investment

Why it’s time to invest in female founders

06 September 2019

Vivi Friedgut, CEO and founder Blackbullion , Shares her thoughts on how attitudes towards female-le...

Podcasts FinTech

The FinTech 300

06 September 2019

Don’t miss this massive show! Breaking Banks celebrates +300 episodes featuring an all-st...

Thought Leadership Digital Transformation

Pivoting to digital maturity

06 September 2019

Seven capabilities central to digital transformation Why do digital transformation efforts someti...

Articles Technology

The digital workforce experience

06 September 2019

Getting technology to work at work Technology in the workplace often presents users with a disjoi...

Articles Innovation

Innovation in Europe

06 September 2019

A Deloitte survey on European companies and how digital technologies can strategically enhance innov...

Articles FinTech

Fintech and banks: collaboration or competition?

06 September 2019

Banks can either choose to embrace FinTech and innovate together or lose the competitive edge over t...

Articles InsureTech

Fintech 4.0 — How Technology Is Reshaping The $5 Trillion Insurance Sector

05 September 2019

Advancing technology has collided with longstanding customer issues to create a series of deep, last...

Articles FinTech

10 fintech startups to watch out for in 2019 and beyond

05 September 2019

Fintech has been exploding in recent years, disrupting the financial sector and attracting billions....

White Papers FinTech

World FinTech Report 2019

05 September 2019

Executive summary With ecosystem partnerships being recognized and valued, open banking will even...

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