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Sustainable Financial Services in the Digital Age

This paper looks at key digital changes in the industry and the effects of these. Specifically,...

  • May 01, 2018

Finance for Fintech

A survey and commentary of 400 FinTechs across 8 countries looking at their expansion, priorities, a...

  • May 01, 2018

Mind The Gap: Addressing Challenges to Fintech Adoption

Accenture discusses why collaboration between FinTech and institutional finance is difficult. The ar...

  • April 01, 2018

London's Fintech Ecosystem: A Current Account

The paper gives an in-depth analysis of the UK and London FinTechs. It also provides commentary on t...

  • April 01, 2018

Supporting UK FinTech: Accessing a Global Talent Pool

Innovate Finance talk about the importance of utilising global talent within the FinTech sector...

  • April 01, 2018

The Bank of England – Open to Fintech

A speech on the open approach the Bank of England will be taking towards Fintech innovation.

  • March 22, 2018

Blockchain: How Innovative Technology Can Improve Compliance Procedures

Lawson Conner discusses Blockchain's use in the compliance and regulatory sector, such as K...

  • March 01, 2018

FinTech Nation 2018

Innovate Finance provides a collection of essays from industry leaders on a range of issues in...

  • March 01, 2018

The Future is Decentralised

This paper from the United Nations Development Programme discusses how blockchain works and how it i...

  • March 01, 2018

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