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QUALITANCE: Empowering software engineering and product development

18 July 2023

We sat down with Radu Constantinescu, CEO and Co-Founder of ...

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Scottish-American startup Scrapp celebrates after winning big at young business conference

28 January 2022

Billed as the the number one entrepreneurship e-conference for students and researchers, Edventure p...

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Building trust through communication with Ciptex

13 December 2021

Good customer experience is vital for companies in the financial ...

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Discover The Technology Behind These FinTech Success Stories

01 October 2021

It is easy to build prototypes with Erlang which is why it’s a great choice for fast-moving FinTech startups. In our blog post we examine 5 interesting use cases spanni...

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State of play in financial services

09 September 2021

In this article, we take a look at some key trends in technology in financial services along with some general high-level trends in software engineering in the sector....

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Our New Visual Identity

19 March 2021

Find out about how we have gone about our first brand refresh in 20 years! It's an evolution not a revolution as we continue to build secure, fault-tolerant systems which...

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Santander partners with Planixs for liquidity management 

09 March 2021

Banking behemoth Santander has announced a partnership with FinTech Planixs. In ...

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FeedStock announces the appointment of Pete Crosby as a board advisor

19 January 2021

FeedStock is delighted to welcome Pete Crosby as an advisor to the board at a pivotal time in the co...

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New members join the Erlang Solutions team

23 November 2020

Philip Harrison and Noman Azim are two new members of the team who bring a wealth of experience in f...

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FCA Compliant Instant Messaging for FinTechs

02 August 2020

Discover how MongooseIM has been applied by TeleWare - a world-leading provider of mobile solutions...

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Best Coding Language For a Job In FinTech

15 July 2020

This recent article by e-financial careers examines which languages developers should learn for a ca...

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Speakers and Schedule Announced for ElixirConf EU Virtual

10 June 2020

The premiere Elixir conference in Europe goes Virtual! Elixir is the hugely popular programming lang...

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