Curve is your badass 100 Cards in One. Your gateway to money for nothing. Your personal firewall. Your kickass travel companion. And yeah, it's a time machine.


The world of finance has fragmented. There are more choices for consumers, freelancers and businesses than ever before. Big banks are modernising to crush the competition. Tech giants are entering the payment arena with a mission to own customers’ wallets. Emerging tech startups are launching products to replace or complement the incumbents.

They're all trying to make things easier, faster, cheaper or more digital. They're all talking about empowering their customers, revolutionising money or changing the world. They're all innovating, disrupting, augmenting or virtualising something, somehow, somewhere.

Cards, credit and cash. PINs, permissions, points and platforms. Accounts, apps, authentication and automation. FX, P2P, WTF?

It’s not all cheap talk though. Real and rapid progress has occurred. But in a massive sector with masses of customers, this has created a mass of problems as you can imagine. Every new development, technology, product or service may have added benefits, but they have also multiplied complexity and divided attention.

And this fragmentation shows no signs of slowing. In fact, it’s accelerating.

For a savvy customer, making the most of this new financial landscape means micro-managing a disconnected portfolio of banks, cards, providers, accounts and apps.

In a world where lives and businesses are run on smartphones, this makes no sense at all. They’re used to products and services that are mobile, seamless and frictionless. From contacts, communications and workflow, to entertainment, travel and retail therapy. They're all easily discoverable, immediately accessible, deeply integrated and stored in one place.

We believe our finances should work in exactly the same way. And right now, they don’t. Right now, they’re a mess.

That’s why we’re building Curve. Curve is to Banking what Netflix is to TV and Spotify to Music. We connect All Your Cards in One Smart Card. And One Even Smarter App. We bring you financial freedom and endless opportunities. All in One place. What isn’t there to love?

We like to think of it as mission control for your money. An Over the Top Banking Platform, moving banking to the cloud. We help you simplify your finances so you can go out and live your ultimate life. Find new inspirations, explore new paths, and indulge in your passions. Curve simplifies and unifies every aspect of your financial life by connecting it to one smart card and an even smarter app. Bottom line, our mission is to simplify the way you spend, send, see and save.


Mission: To demystify people’s finances by connecting their money, right at their fingertips, so they can go out and live their ultimate life by simplifying and unifying the way people Spend, Send, See and Save their money.

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Meet the team at Curve
Shachar Bialick


Serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience designing and building products and companies in e-commerce, biotech, finance and telecoms.

Nathalie Oestmann


Extensive experience as a global leader in the digital payments and identity space driving strategic business model transformation and growth.

Matthew Collinge


Over 10 years experience developing technical teams with extensive breadth and depth of commercial experience combined with tech.

Kate James

Head of People

History of working with entrepreneurs and founders in fast scaling start ups

Alistair Houghton

General Council

Building and leading multi-disciplinary legal teams.

Diego Rivas

Head of Product

Develops product plans and effective user experiences, as well as distinguishing unique product features within Fintech.

Matthew Phillips

Head of Business Development

Business development and partnerships management.

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