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Tackling the Poverty Trap with Blockchain & AI

ethecal impact


There are over 14 million people, including 4 million children, in the UK living in poverty. This means:

A lower life-expectancy, far higher instance pf physical and mental illness, worse results at school, a higher probability of entering the criminal justice system, higher suicide rates and increased infant mortality.

Using blockchain & Machine Learning technology, these injustices can be alleviated.

The Poverty Premium is how much extra it costs to be poor. These extra costs could, for example, be for prepaid meters or the higher costs of borrowing, but however they arise, the effect is a catastrophic vicious circle where the poor become poorer.

Ethecal impacthas been created to address this inequality and the team are dedicated  to the eradication of the Poverty Premium.



Blockchain is a decentralising technology that allows systems to operate without traditional intermediaries such as banks or credit reference agencies.

Ethecal impact isdeveloping blockchain solutions that work with AI systems to create an ecosystem where users can provide independently verified affordability data rather than having credit applications determined by the use of historic data from an unseen reference agency. Ethecal impact will consolidate user data so that it is relevant to the application. It is dynamic and timely.

This creates a virtuous circle where both  applicant and  supplier benefit from  improved decision-making data. 

Blockchain also enables Smart Contracts to be set up as “Attachments on Earnings”. The supplier consequently has a more efficient and reliable collection method.

By reducing or eliminating supply risk and  creating more efficient and reliable collections, ethecal impact will open vast new markets for suppliers who are happy to supply their services at fair rates to users who would otherwise be prevented from purchasing their products or services.



Ethecal impact is an app that allows users to manage their finances far more flexibly and intelligently. Users  create new sub-accounts  to control the movement of their money and AI functions show them what their real affordability is.

Ethecal impact is  a platform that allows suppliers to offer services to the 30% of the UK population who were previously effectively off-limits.

Ethecal impact is the next generation of service aggregator. Ethecal impact offers a more sustainable model where lower costs of business drive better deals for consumers.

Ethecal impactis the future of credit referencing, cost-comparison services and banking!

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