FinTech Alliance Community Hub


Bhuma IT Consultancy Ltd

Simplify, expedite and expand the adoption of real-time payments globally

Banking Cloud Digital Transformation

QPQ Limited

The Digital Financial Network

Banking Blockchain Capital Markets

Bantu Limited

Connecting more to achieve more.

Banking Financial Inclusion FinTech


Contis powers banking and payments for the new economy

Banking Blockchain Insurance


We are Europe's first mobile bank with over 3.5 million customers.



Instant Payments & Insights

Banking Data & Analytics FinTech


The Smart Payment Ring. Use your ring to make payments anywhere that accepts contactless.

Banking Payments Innovation

Raisin UK

The UK savings marketplace where you can search, apply and manage all your savings all in one place, so you can save time and make money

Banking FinTech Personal Finance

Thought Machine

Building the next generation of cloud native core banking technology

Banking Cloud Enterprise Software

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