Dorv Trading

A trading system for Asia

Dorv Trading

Dorv is a trading system for high-tech Asian countries

In the 21st century, isn’t it time for high-tech Asian economies to do business inside a complex, safe and exciting trading system based on an internet currency unit?
For a government, isn’t it time that tax is easily managed and collected from people and companies?
For a person, Dorv offers the fun of spot trading, block trading and spread betting in their favourite companies
For a company, Dorv offers lots of ways to make money, simple tax calculations and various protection features that prevent acts of fraud or stupidity from ruining the business 
Holding company, the Dorv Traders, will be based in England
The Dorv management team will own 65% of the Dorv Traders company, operating across Asian countries in the Dorv trading system
In a specified period, n% of the revenue from the Dorv Traders Company in each country will be used to buy commodities, which will be resold in international currencies

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