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Ask a FinTech: Do traditional banks need to be worried about AI?

16 August 2021

AI has become more integrated in day-to-day life, as a result ...

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ABAKA wins Best Pension Technology provider of 2019

29 September 2019

ABAKA is now Best Pension Technology Solution 2019 at Finovate Europe Technology Provider of the....

Written By: ABAKA

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Bank ABC's AI-powered digital employee ‘Fatema’ is the world's first Digital DNA (TM) Human

10 September 2019

Bank ABC launches the first synthetic Digital Human using Soul Machines’ Digital DNA ™ technology.....

Written By: Bank ABC

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Cerebras reveals world's 'largest computer chip' for AI tasks

19 August 2019

The chip, which is larger than an iPad, is designed for complex artificial intelligence systems.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Potentially Alter How We Do Business Insurance

08 August 2019

It would seem that there isn’t a thing that artificial intelligence isn’t going to alter. After all, it’s touted to be the technological development of the decade. ...

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Nasdaq uses AI to root out stock-market abuse

07 August 2019

Nasdaq is testing an artificial-intelligence surveillance system this summer to monitor its US stock market for new instances of exchange manipulation, Ruby Hinchliffe re...

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JPMorgan Chase Announces Five-Year Deal with Persado For AI-Powered Marketing Capabilities

05 August 2019

JPMorgan Chase has announced a five-year, enterprise-wide deal with Persado, the leader in using AI to generate the highest performing marketing creative. ...

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Artificial Intelligence In Fintech—No Longer Just Hype

26 July 2019

The objective of any business endeavor is to make money. However, we all know that this journey vari...

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How BBVA Is Using AI To Fight Against AI-Armed Fraudsters

25 July 2019

Banks need to innovate faster and further when it comes to the technology they use on their online platforms, as to stay one step ahead of bad actors with access to the s...

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AI Fintech Startup Bleckwen Protects Banks from Fraud

19 July 2019

Bleckwen, a French cybersecurity startup, has recently been awarded EBAday “Fintech Zone Winner”.

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Financial Services Customers Set to Embrace AI but Human Contact Still Vital

08 July 2019

Customers in the UK are embracing the use of AI driven financial services (FS), with 63% happy to us...

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Global bank revolutionises compliance with intelligent process automation from Endava

09 June 2019

In the commercial loans department of one of the world’s largest banks, a team of highly-skilled emp...

Written By: Endava