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Klarna's AI chatbot does the work of 700 full-time humans.

29 February 2024

Klarna says its OpenAI-powered chatbot is doing the equivalent work ...

Napier AI raises £45mn in Funding

23 February 2024

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate its ...

Revolut launches AI-based scam detection feature

15 February 2024

Revolut has launched an AI-powered anti-scam feature to protect customers ...

Cambio secures $3mn in seed funding

15 February 2024

Cambio secures $3mn in seed funding to revolutionise debt negotiation ...

Mastercard supercharges consumer protection with gen AI

02 February 2024

Mastercard is adopting generative AI techniques to enhance the protections ...

ieDigital Acquires Abaka

30 January 2024

 ieDigital acquired Abaka, a London, UK-based artificial intelligence-driven financial software ...

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How Generative AI is disrupting the insurance market & impacting ways of working

18 January 2024

Generative AI (GAI) – you might have heard of it ...

Written By: Epam Systems

Bunq replaces search with a generative AI called Finn

20 December 2023

Leaping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon with a novel new ...

Mastercard launches GenAI retail assistant

01 December 2023

Mastercard has unveiled a generative AI retail assistant tool that ...

Ask a FinTech: Do traditional banks need to be worried about AI?

16 August 2021

AI has become more integrated in day-to-day life, as a result ...

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ABAKA wins Best Pension Technology provider of 2019

29 September 2019

ABAKA is now Best Pension Technology Solution 2019 at Finovate Europe Technology Provider of the....

Written By: ABAKA

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Bank ABC's AI-powered digital employee ‘Fatema’ is the world's first Digital DNA (TM) Human

10 September 2019

Bank ABC launches the first synthetic Digital Human using Soul Machines’ Digital DNA ™ technology.....

Written By: Bank ABC