Resolving the operational risk conundrum - taking risk and controls management to a higher level.



Acin is the world's leading risk and control data standards, bench-marking and controls data analysis company. Acin’s breakthrough system is helping to change the way financial institutions collectively think about risk and controls in order to improve the way they are managed and monitored across the industry. That way, firms can demonstrate that they are "in-control" and provide greater assurance across the industry. 

What sets Acin apart is its centralised database of control designs smart-mapped to the risks faced by the individual business or function within a financial institution. Data is standardised, available, and reliable – at an industry level. More radical still, is Acin’s ability to connect firms together to create the industry’s first risk and control defence network. With a data set of risks and controls that is more comprehensive than that of any one institution and continuously updated via the network, this significantly strengthens each firm’s existing “three lines of defence”.

Acin’s highly advanced system of risk identification, management and mitigation enables connected firms to achieve the highest degrees of protection at an industry level. This in turn, empowers firms to reduce dramatically their operating costs. Acin has been recognised as one of the most innovative Regtech companies in 2019.

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Meet the team at Acin
Paul Ford


Paul is the Founder & CEO of Acin and has over 25 years’ operational and financial services experience.

Rash Phullar

Head of Sales

Rash is Head of Sales at Acin and leads client acquisition, client solutions and management. He has over 20 years’ financial services experience.

Peter Irvine

Head of Product

Peter is Head of Product & Platform at Acin. He has 30 years’ experience of building, restructuring and leading financial services businesses.

Ian Ewart

Head of Marketing

Ian is a Board Member at Acin and leads Marketing at the firm. He has 30+ years’ experience of working in top tier banks & asset management companies.

Philip Carr

Chief Operating Officer

Philip is the Chief Operating Officer at Acin and has more than 20 years of financial markets and operational experience.

Gaspard Biosse Duplan

Product Head - Sales & Trading

Gaspard is the lead risk & control SME at Acin with 13 years’ experience spanning the 3 Lines of Defence in IB FO, Market Risk (MR) and Internal Audit

Mani GV

Head of Strategy

Mani leads strategy at Acin. He has 25+ years’ experience in building global businesses in data, information services and bench-marking businesses.

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