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The FCA and Bank of England joint Discussion Paper on AI

17 January 2023

The FCA and Bank of England published a joint Discussion ...

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The State of Machine Learning in Finance, Banking and FinTech

23 July 2021

Consumers of digital services expect quality service, security, and convenience. Machine learning (M...

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How machine learning is changing pricing optimization

25 May 2021

FinTech apps heavily rely on connecting with customers. They thrive by offering custom services to u...

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AI vs. Financial Crime – Fight Against Money Laundering (AML) and Bad Actors

20 April 2021

Anti-money laundering (AML) AI is used to fight financial crime and secure apps’ reputation. After all, financial technology is all about trust. How is it done and what...

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HSBC partners with Google on chatbot technology 

15 March 2021

HSBC is working with Google Cloud to build an AI ...

Social giants police web with AI as staff sent home

19 March 2020

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are all relying on artificial intelligence to identify problemati...

Finantix acquires InCube, a Swiss AI and data science company

16 March 2020

The Zurich business is dedicated to wealth management and insurance In Brief The acquisitio...

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FCA & BofE launch AI and machine learning forum

24 January 2020

The FCA and the Bank of England are to run a public/private forum to delve into the technical and pu...

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Ping An FinTech arm chooses US over Hong Kong for IPO

15 November 2019

The SoftBank-backed OneConnect sells tech platforms to smaller banks  In Brief: OneCon...

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We Teach A.I. Systems Everything, Including Our Biases

14 November 2019

Researchers say computer systems are learning from lots and lots of digitized books and news article...

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Machine learning advancing in financial sector - Bank of England

17 October 2019

Machine learning tools are now in use at two-thirds of UK financial institutions, with the technolog...

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JPMorgan Chase locks in five year deal with AI marketing platform Persado

30 July 2019

JPMorgan Chase today announced a five-year, enterprise-wide deal with Persado, the leader in using A...

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