Banking August 14, 2019

HSBC partners with FinTech for digital lending

HSBC partners with FinTech for digital lending

HSBC arm HSBC Bank USA has partnered with end-to-end technology platform provider Amount.

In brief:

  • Through this partnership, the bank has launched a personalised digital lending platform.

  • It aims to provide ease of use for US customers who wish to apply for loans online, allowing them to evaluate their loan options.

  • The Chicago-based tech business has customised its platform for HSBC to keep branding and customer experience seamless.

What does this mean?

Allowing customers to apply for a loan and evaluate their options without visiting a branch speaks not only to the importance of choice and convenience in modern-day banking, but also a prevalent desire among millennial customers to make an independent decision based on information made available, as opposed to being told what is best by an advisor.

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Written by FinTech Alliance