27 March 2024

Targeting $180M in Revenue, Vault Aims to Lead the $50B Digital Crypto Banking Market

Written By Austin Kimm, Director of Strategy & Investments at Vault.ist

Targeting $180M in Revenue, Vault Aims to Lead the $50B Digital Crypto Banking Market

The digital banking industry is being revolutionized by Vault, which has successfully adapted to market challenges and is projected to reach a value of $50 billion in the near future as the demand for banking and crypto-banking solutions continues to increase each year.


20x More Affordable and 30x Quicker Digital Banking

Vault offers a comprehensive infrastructure for B2B2C clients, covering all aspects of digital banking such as transactions, processing, compliance, and cards issuance. Essentially, it assists fintech companies in simplifying their operations and eliminating the need to deal with multiple permits and vendors, thereby saving them time and resources. Vault enables the creation of a digital/crypto banking business at a significantly lower cost and faster pace, approximately 20 times cheaper and 30 times quicker than developing the project independently.

The implementation of Vault consists of three main frameworks. Customers have the option to either utilize a pre-made white label solution, incorporate certain components of Vault's services through API, or choose to use both. This allows the company to serve both startups and established products, providing access to cryptocurrency features for over 1 million users across 160 countries. It is worth noting that only 25% of Vault's clients are crypto companies, highlighting its flexibility and broad appeal.

Vault's goal is to promote the widespread use of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. The team aims to achieve this by enabling any company, regardless of their location, to easily incorporate digital and crypto banking capabilities within a few days. This aligns with the current trend of companies venturing into the fintech industry to seek out new business prospects. In just its first year of operation, Vault has already secured 40 contracts valued at approximately $18.5 million, indicating great success.


Ambitious Plan: Bold Expansion and Fresh Collaborations

Vault, with its unique business strategy of putting the responsibility of user engagement and marketing on clients, has proven to be a highly profitable venture that generates continuous revenue throughout all stages of operation. The company has set ambitious targets, aiming to reach $60 million by 2024 and then tripling that amount to $180 million by 2025. These goals are attainable, considering the high demand for Vault's solutions and the size of the market.

One crucial aspect of Vault's plan is to increase their partnerships. The team is focused on creating a marketplace that will allow digital and crypto banking companies to promote their services and distinctive offerings.

Simultaneously, Vault plans to expand its presence in North America, Europe, and Asia by utilizing the services of regional sales representatives who are actively contributing to the growth of the company and taking advantage of its profitability. Additional initiatives involve a growth in Vault's staff and further collaboration with regulated financial institutions.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Vault can be imagined by considering the fact that clients only need to invest between $60,000 and $150,000 for onboarding and an additional $10,000 per month for maintenance. This investment covers all the necessary support for licenses, KYC, compliance, and essential tools. Furthermore, clients can expect to receive a complete solution within 10 days. Although in some cases, the launch process may take up to five or six weeks, it is still much faster and more cost-effective compared to traditional methods that require constant funding at every stage of development.

Vault, after successfully navigating the intricacies of setting up a digital/crypto banking enterprise, now offers assistance to new players in the fintech industry, helping them avoid common mistakes and saving them valuable time and resources. 

Contact us via email at partnerships@vault.ist to find out what crypto features can complement your business best and start bringing an extra profit over the next few months.

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