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Articles Digital Currency

How payment platforms help crypto apps offer a superior experience to the crypto-curious

06 April 2021

Modulr speaks with crypto specialist, Gavin Waddell to find out how payments platforms can enable cr...

Articles Business

Brexit: Fresh Perspectives

24 March 2021

The UK has left the EU but there remains a vast array of operational and legal issues for businesses...

Articles Diversity

Diversifying the path to CEO in financial services

26 February 2021

How prioritizing gender diversity and inclusion in leadership development and succession planning co...

Articles Diversity

BAME Recruitment – diversity, inclusion and belonging

26 February 2021

Of the hundreds of people that BAME Recruitment have placed across the UK, 68% are BAME, 58% are wom...

Articles FinTech

Data and FinTech in the banking sector: the foundation for innovation

19 February 2021

Monetisation of data is paramount for banks to stay competitive, compliant and able to adapt to the...

Articles Investment

Are you ready for Series A investment from a Venture Capital firm?

09 February 2021

Are you ready? Raising investor capital means being answerable to other people, and losing much o...

Articles Investment

280 European VCs with fresh capital in the last 18 months

09 February 2021

Which funds are most likely to to be deploying capital currently? Quickest answer: those who have...

Articles Financial Planning

How to make more money working from home

09 February 2021

If 2020 brought one good thing, it was the increase in working from home. But are there things you c...

Articles FinTech

Pulse of FinTech

08 February 2021

What you will learn:Global insights Global fintech investment analysis (VC, PE, M&A) T...

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