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Articles Banking

New cost imperatives in banking - Gaining greater efficiency

04 May 2021

The cost agenda has propelled to one of the top priorities for banks around the world as a result of...

Articles Cyber Security

Better by design? Re-thinking AML for a digital age

29 April 2021

We ask how the approach to AML can be improved: Can broader adoption of Artificial Intelligence and...

Articles Banking

What is Bacs? Complete Guide to Bacs Payments

29 April 2021

Bacs (or BACS) is an acronym that stands for Bankers’ Automated Clearing System. Put simply, it is a...

Articles Banking

Future of Banking - What we lose when bank branches disappear?

26 April 2021

During COVID-19 we became accustomed to the sight of shuttered bank branches. Now, as lockdown eases...

Articles Payments

PSD2 is Live - What is the Merchant Experience?

26 April 2021

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) went into effect this past January 1st for many countr...

Articles Cloud

The Future of Cloud 2021 - Evolving the Financial Services Industry.

26 April 2021

Fintech firms have been faster to innovate. Many, in fact, were created to address consumer dissatis...

Articles Open Banking

Open APIs in Financial Services for Dummies

26 April 2021

Your guide to this exciting world of opportunity. Whatever part you play in the financial services b...

Articles FinTech

Fintech: a guide to financial technology

26 April 2021

Financial technology – fintech for short – refers to the interaction of financial services with new...

Articles Investment

Bridging the gap: The rise of the retail investor

26 April 2021

An overview of the saving and investment landscape of European banks.The tumultuous financial fallou...

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