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Five minutes with… Weavr’s Alex Mifsud at FinTech Week London

21 September 2022

We caught up with Alex Mifsud, Co-Founder and CEO of ...

TechPassport adds HSBC’s Steve Suarez to advisory board

23 August 2022

Technology onboarding business TechPassport has added Steve Suarez to its ...

Five minutes with... OpenPayd’s Michael Treacy at Money2020 Europe  

16 August 2022

We caught up with Community Company OpenPayd at Money2020 Europe ...

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Barclays to host CBDC hackathon

22 July 2022

Speaking exclusively with Finextra, Barclays has announced it will host the ‘Barclays CBDC Hackathon 2022’ later this year, to promote the emergence of new technologi...

Hosted By: Finextra

UK-Singapore Digital Deal comes into force

14 June 2022

As part of London Tech Week, the UK-Singapore Digital deal ...

Meta to launch Horizon Metaverse this year

28 April 2022

Meta, the company behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has announced ...

Apple to develop financial services in-house

01 April 2022

Bloomberg has reported that technology giant Apple is aiming to ...

UK tech ecosystem third in world to reach $1trn valuation

29 March 2022

The UK’s technology ecosystem now has a valuation of $1trn ...

How is AI transforming customer service in FinTech? 

31 August 2021

In order to build trust in an area often fraught ...

Credit Suisse welcomes new Chief Technology and Operations Officer

06 July 2021

Global wealth manager Credit Suisse has hired a new chief ...

Trifork forms integration partnership with Modularbank

05 July 2021

In Brief:Trifork owns FinTech Alliance company Erlang Solutions. Modularbank provides core banking technology ...

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What is the government doing to invest in UK technology?

02 July 2021

The UK has one of the world’s largest technology ecosystems, encompassing thousands of tech start-ups, which help to create and maintain a robust entrepreneurial cultur...

Written By: Kene Partners