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Mexico to launch digital currency by 2024

04 January 2022

The Bank of Mexico has said it aims to launch ...

Meta tests cryptocurrency payments with WhatsApp 

13 December 2021

WhatApp is testing the ability to make payments in crypto ...

Facebook has removed restrictions on crypto advertising 

02 December 2021

Facebook has announced it will reverse a policy which prevents ...

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Shiba Inu Saw a 2,399,900% Price Increase From Sep 2020

29 November 2021

#Investing $10 in #ShibaInu in September 2020 would have been worth over $200k a year later as @BrokerChooser reveal the #cryptos that saw the biggest growth. The post Sh...

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Japanese banks to test digital currency

25 November 2021

A consortium of 74 Japanese firms - including the country's biggest banks - have set out plans to start testing a private sector digital yen in the coming months....

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Bitpanda partners with Lydia to enable crypto trading 

22 November 2021

Users of French FinTech Lydia will now be able to ...

Can decentralised finance really cut out the middlemen? A Q&A with Obyte

11 November 2021

FinTech Alliance company Obyte offers a ledger that’s truly decentralised, ...

Revolut is building a cryptocurrency exchange 

05 November 2021

Revolut is recruiting to build a new crypto exchange, reports ...

CBDCs could save corporates £100bn, says JPMorgan 

04 November 2021

JPMorgan has estimated that central bank digital currencies could help ...

Binance to fuel blockchain and crypto 

04 November 2021

France FinTech and Binance have announced a new €100mn initiative ...

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Bunq brings local currencies to Europe with rollout of multi-IBAN accounts

28 October 2021

Get paid like a local in dollars, pounds, francs, Lev or złotys, regardless of where you live.

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ComplyAdvantage launches new blockchain tool 

26 October 2021

ComplyAdvantage has announced a new blockchain analysis and transaction monitoring ...