06 October 2021

Moorwand to power remittances across Europe with OneFor

Written By FinTech Alliance

Moorwand to power remittances across Europe with OneFor

OneFor has selected Moorwand to launch its new remittance service across Europe. 

In Brief:

OneFor offers a digital wallet, money transfer and payments solution for the remittance market. 

Moorwand will provide issuing, acquiring and digital banking for OneFor.

It aims to make remittances across Europe simpler, more accessible and more affordable. 

What does this mean?

OneFor aims to help underbanked communities and make it easier for migrant workers in the EU to send money back to their families. Partnering with Moorwand has enabled OneFor to get the service off the ground quickly and efficiently, and Moorwand's Chief Commercial Officer Luc Gueriane says it’s been able to do so “ahead of the competition”.

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