12 November 2019

Confused.com brings enhanced insurance marketplace to customers of ZPG Ltd

Written By Confused.com

Confused.com brings enhanced insurance marketplace to customers of ZPG Ltd

Confused.com is bringing hundreds of pounds in savings to six million customers of Zoopla Property Group (ZPG) Ltd as the two join forces to deliver car and home insurance marketplaces for uSwitch and Money.co.uk.


The brands are aligning to empower people to make better buying decisions, with Confused.com providing its leading online car and home insurance marketplaces for both uSwitch and Money.co.uk, which are part of ZPG Ltd. The Confused.com-ZPG Ltd partnership is allowing customers to run quotes and receive prices from more than 175 insurers with the potential to save up to £246(1) and £94(2) on their car and home insurance, respectively.


The partnership will allow ZPG Ltd to power these services using one unified provider, while Confused.com - which founded the UK’s first online car insurance marketplace 17 years ago and already processes more than two million quotes a month - looks to diversify its service and use its tech know-how to bring savings to even more customers.


The brands collaborated to deliver the project from conception to market in just eight weeks, due to advanced cloud capabilities and rapid innovation.


Louise O’Shea, CEO at Confused.com, said: “Our mission is to give people a clear choice on the best insurance deals. We’re doing this by powering car and home insurance marketplaces for customers of uSwitch and Money.co.uk.


“Just like Confused.com is an obvious choice for people looking to save money on their insurance, our partnership with ZPG Ltd is an obvious choice. We both want to make it easier for our customers to make better buying decisions and we have the tech capability to do so.”


Bojan Radlovic, Director of Financial Services at ZPG, said: “We believe this partnership provides the ideal solution for consumers to find the best car and home insurance deals from a huge range of trusted providers.


“The combined strength of our brands and the speed with which we were able to put this project together demonstrates that insurance customers will be in safe hands.”


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