17 June 2020

Accepty Technology incorporates Open Banking into its personal loans marketplace platform through AccountScore.

Written By AccountScore

Accepty Technology incorporates Open Banking into its personal loans marketplace platform through AccountScore.

Accepty Technology, the personal loans marketplace platform, has announced a partnership with the UK’s leading Open Banking platform, AccountScore. The new partnership will allow Accepty to provide customers with the option to securely share bank transaction data via Open Banking as part of their loan application.


Open Banking will provide lenders with an improved, more accurate understanding of a customer’s income and financial circumstances. This information is vital as volume of loan applications is expected to increase in the coming months and will enable lenders to assess applications and improve conversion rates.


Emma Steeley, CEO, AccountScore, commented on the partnership, “In these unpresented times, we are proud to deliver the unparalleled ability to access accurate, up to date information through Open Banking. By providing such data to a panel of lenders through Accepty, we will enable lenders to lend with more confidence, improved accuracy, and reduced risk. This in turn will allow more customers faster access to vital funding”


Robert Samarji, Co-founder, Accepty, added, "AccountScore have been particularly flexible and open in dealing with us as we work towards integrating Open Banking services into Accepty's personal loans marketplace platform. That and the fact AccountScore have relationships with some of our key lenders were primary reasons to choose AccountScore to form a partnership. ." 




About AccountScore:

AccountScore Limited (AccountScore) is a highly innovative global data and analytics business that provides actionable insights and analytics on bank transaction data for clients. Providing reliable, accurate and easy to understand transaction data analytics on data either sourced through consents.online (AccountScore’s AISP) or directly imported.  AccountScore’s subsidiary Consents Online Limited (consents.online) is a registered Account Information Service Provider (“AISP”) which provides branded Open Banking as a Service (“OBaaS®”) and has access to APIs from banks to collect transaction data and provides the consumer with a portal to give them control over viewing and managing their consents.


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