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Award-winning Solidatus is the leading next generation data management and conceptual modelling solution that effectively manages data, people and processes. It has solidified its place as one of the most influential and critical new software solutions positioned to help the world’s largest data-rich and regulated organisations manage their processes and data. It highlights gaps, declares transparency and provides a simpler, quicker and better route to implement change. 

Solidatus facilitates both data lineage and business process engineering. Whether to demonstrate regulatory compliance, improve governance, assist with transformational change or optimise your data landscape, it builds a connected digital map of your organisation, reducing complexity while driving efficiency. It is uniquely engineered to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively and improve an organisation’s data economy. Solidatus is quickly being adopted by organisations across the globe, including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical, utility and infrastructure firms and has been implemented by leading consulting and technology firms.

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Meet the team at Solidatus
Philip Dutton


Philip Dutton is a Co-Founder of Solidatus, the leading data lineage, business relationship and conceptual modelling tool that enables the effective management of data, people and processes. With over 20 years’ tech experience, he has managed global transformational change projects within the Financial Services and Tech industries. Philip is a thought leader in the Fintech/Regtech sectors and is passionate about revolutionising the data economy. His primary focus is on shifting the data management paradigm towards sustainability and helping businesses become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the management of their data. The ever-increasing demand for openness, transparency and traceability needed in business today is what led him to develop Solidatus. From concept to launch, and now accelerated growth, his team is helping organisations utilise visual lineage technology to enable understanding and simplification of complex systems landscapes. Whether used to demonstrate regulatory compliance or to improve governance and control, Solidatus supports transformational change by enabling organisations to facilitate growth, reduce costs and effectively manage risk.

Philip Miller


Philip is a Senior Architect, Analyst and Engineer with over 20 years’ experience within Financial Services specialising in high-performance computing, complex event processing and system integration. He is an acknowledged expert in real-time regulatory reporting. Philip is a member of BSI and a committee member on the ISO/TC 68/SC 09/WG 01 ‘ISO 20022 Semantic Models’ working group. Philip has a Master of Engineering Degree in Computing with Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College, London.

Daniel Waddington

Head of Software

Daniel has a first-class degree in Computing from Imperial College and has been the principal programmer for Solidatus since the company’s inception. He runs a team of engineers in London.

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2019 Global AML and Financial Crime TechSprint
July 31, 2019

2019 Global AML and Financial Crime TechSprint

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