Infrastructure for teams to collaborate on the SaaS they have & want.


Cledara is a VC funded fintech startup. We were part of the 2019 cohort of Techstars London and were named SaaS Startup of the Year 2018 by SaaStock, Europe’s largest SaaS conference. Cledara is powered by the Cledara Card, a virtual Mastercard that can be issued in 28 countries.

Cledara helps collaborate on the SaaS they have and the SaaS they want, so that you can onboard new hires fast and so that founders can scale processes as they grow like GDPR compliance, accounting and coordination with remote team members and other offices.

Cledara is one place for teams to see all the SaaS they use, have a lightweight request/approve/pay flow for new SaaS and automate all the invoice capture and upload to accounting systems.

Startups that use Cledara have been able to save 10's of thousands by automating a lot of the manual admin that comes from using SaaS, ensuring VAT can be claimed back and eliminating unused and duplication subscriptions.

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Cledara launches the first card rewards program built for startups
Join Europe's first card rewards program for startups

We're super excited to announce that today Cledara Rewards goes live to all our customers. Cledara Rewards is Europe's first card rewards program built for startups. Earn points on most things you buy and convert them to cash.

Find out more about Cledara Rewards