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Meeco is an award winning global pioneer in the emerging personal data economy. Meeco empowers the digital citizen to provide access, control, delegation and consent over how their data is used with the people and organisations they trust.

This enable a new eco-system of services, personalisation and new business models that reduce cost, risk and friction, whilst delivering increased value for all participants in a regulatory compliant way for GDPR, Open Banking and PSD2.

Founded in Australia, Meeco now has offices in London and Brussels, with a range of digital services designed for banking, insurance, wealth management, telecommunications, travel, retail and government.  Meeco's white label solutions support B2B, B2B2C and Me2B use cases. The Meeco API Platform enables individuals to privately share their identity and personal data with explicit consent to enable people and organisations to:

Create digital identities

Collect, store and verify data attributes in a customised data wallet/vault

Connect securely peer-2-peer and/or directly with organisations

Share data with explicit consent with full audit train for minutes, hours or future date

Create a unique digital twin - immutable personal timeline for fraud management and personalisation.

Meeco has been globally recognised and the recipient of five industry awards for Identity, FinTech, RegTech, Loyalty and Personal Data Management in Australia, Germany, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Meeco operates a cloud and API platform that integrates with enterprise identity platforms through on-boarding and digital service channels to enable more private and personalised digital services. 

In May 2018, Meeco published a technical white paper outlining our distributed ledger roadmap. Zero Knowledge Proofs of the Modern Digital Life; access - control - delegation - consent of identity and personal data, can be downloaded via this link ​

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10 John Street , London , United Kingdom , WC1N 2EB , United Kingdom




Meet the team at Meeco
Katryna Dow

CEO & Founder

Katryna Dow is CEO & Founder of Meeco; a personal data & distributed ledger platform that enables people to securely exchange data via the API-of-Me

Greg Embleton


Greg Embleton is the Chairman of Meeco, and CEO of SVX, one of Meeco's strategic partners and investor

Derek Munneke

Head of Engineering

Derek Munneke heads up Meeco's engineering and R&D in Australia

Neil Campbell


Neil is the COO and manages operations, projects and implementations in Australia and Europe

Stephen de Bruin

Tech & API Lead

Stephen is the Tech and API Lead based in Australia

Mars El-Bougrini

Head of Design & UX

Mars El-Brougrini heads up Design and UX at Meeco along with co-designing white label applications for partners and integrations

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Meeco announces capital raise, acquisition and European expansion
November 12, 2019

Meeco announces capital raise, acquisition and European expansion

Meeco has been at the forefront of the emerging personal data economy since 2012. They have develope...

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