HM Treasury

The UK government’s economic and finance ministry

HM Treasury

HM Treasury is the government’s economic and finance ministry. We lead on enhancing the UK’s position as a leading global financial centre. This means supporting growth in the UK economy and ensuring a competitive financial services market for consumers and businesses. 

Fintech plays a crucial role in ensuring better value, higher quality, and more innovative financial services products. Successive governments since 2010 have taken significant steps to foster an environment in which Fintech firms across the UK can grow.

Some of the initiatives we have delivered include - 

  • Creation of the FinTech Delivery Panel, a group of industry experts from fintech startups and financial services institutions, that collaborates to foster growth and secures the UK’s position as a global leader in fintech. The Panel and its outputs are funded by HM Treasury.
  • The UK’s first FinTech Sector Strategy, published in March 2018, which sets out how we intend to preserve the UK’s position as a global leading fintech hub and ensure that the benefits of fintech can be felt by all.
  • The UK’s FinTech Bridges, bilateral agreements that support fintechs move into international markets and attract investment.
  • The UK’s Women in Finance Charter, which promotes the representation of women in senior managerial roles in financial services.
  • HM Treasury Regional FinTech Envoys. We recognise that the UK’s fintech talent is spread across the whole of the UK and to support fintechs that operate from different regions, we have appointed regional envoys to ensure that policy making ensures widespread growth.
  • The UK-US Financial Innovation Partnership, an agreement that strengthens bilateral engagement on emerging trends in financial services innovation between the United Kingdom and United States.
  • The UK-India FinTech Dialogue, which provides a forum for sharing knowledge and information on FinTech policy development and regulation in each sector between policy makers and regulators in the UK and India.

HM Treasury also leads on annual dialogues with our counterparts in priority international markets - China, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. These set piece events bring together government, regulators and industry to overcome market access friction for firms seeking to move between markets, and to increase cross-border financial services trade and investment. Please contact to find out how your firm can benefit further.


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Meet the team at HM Treasury
Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Chancellor is the government’s chief financial minister and has overall responsibility for the work of the Treasury, including championing the needs of the fintech sector by creating a strong business environment.

John Glen MP

Economic Secretary to the Treasury

The Economic Secretary has responsibility for the competitiveness of the City of London and works to preserve and extend the UK’s position as a leader in fintech.

Katharine Braddick

Director General for Financial Services

Katharine has leads on all aspects of financial services and financial stability policy for the Treasury.

Gwyneth Nurse

Director for Financial Services

Gwyneth leads on domestic financial services policy at HM Treasury, including fintech.