Artificial Intelligence in Banking

November 04, 2019 | London

Price: £2,398.80

Course run by: IFF

Type: Workshops & Training

A course For Companies | Short Course

Artificial Intelligence in Banking: 

Banking is at the leading edge of the digital and AI transformation. Owing to the complex processes, heavy
compliance burdens as well as richness in data, there is no reason why your bank can’t realise the rewards of artificial decision-making.

During this training programme, you’ll learn that banks have to discover, understand and embrace AI to stay competitive. You’ll examine best practice from various angles of the AI value chain and identify what is
applicable for your own organisation.

There are only a few banks running advanced end-to-end data and AI infrastructures. With the right training, yours can be one of them. After this course, you’ll be perfectly placed to derive value from employing AI in your business operations.

Agenda Summary:

  • Understanding the ongoing digital and analytics transformation in banking
  • Focus on the data
  • Design an AI infrastructure and governance process within your bank: The new paradigm of data and AI integration
  • Anomaly detection in banking: Transactions, behaviour and more
  • Big data and risk technology
  • Emerging risks
  • How to make an AI strategy deliver productive value
  • Organisational, talent and ethical aspects of AI integration into banks
  • Myth buster session: Key terms around AI and how they relate to banking
  • Key AI cases in finance in front, middle and back office
  • Robo-advisory implementation and regulation around the globe
  • From integrated data to applications: Pay-per-use financing, why and how
  • Steps to set-up a pay-per-use financing model at your company
  • Open banking: AI enabled applications
  • Big data and AI in investment management

Price for course: £1999 - £2398.80 (including VAT) 

Later date for course also available: 20-21st May 2020 

A bespoke in-Company training also available upon request.  Click on 'More Information' below for details. 

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