05 May 2021

Vestd launches founder interview series.

Written By Vestd

Vestd launches founder interview series.

Vestd, the UK’s first and most advanced digital share scheme platform, has launched an exclusive founder interview series.

The ambitious series pulls together the voices of company founders from across a wide range of sectors including tech, manufacturing, fashion and professional services.

Vestd’s goal was to produce an inspiring body of work to act as an informative resource for those looking to start their first company, or for those just looking to get some tips from the most innovative entrepreneurs in the country.


The series, referred to as the ‘AMA (Ask me Anything) Series’, is being posted to Vestd’s website and covers a broad cross section of topics.

Vestd’s company founder Ifty Nasir said that, “It’s important for us to understand the motivations of our customers and the challenges that they face, so we continually engage with them to find out more.”

“We started to realise that these conversations could be of wider use to the business community so started collecting founder stories in a systematic way earlier this year. We also think that the timing is right because it’s been such a difficult year for all types of businesses. We wanted to publish inspiring stories that demonstrate the tenacity and creativity that forms the backbone of the British economy.”

Vestd’s team spoke to founders as diverse as Sikander Hauser, founder of time management app Droplet, Rebecca Donaldson, founder of sports luxe brand Muse Activewear and Kyle C Grant, founder of ‘deliveroo for laundry’ startup, Oxwash. They also spoke to newcomers including rising star Hugo Morrissey. Morrissey’s newly launched nettle soft drink ‘Nuissance’ is taking boutique supermarkets and bars by storm up and down the UK.

Nasir said that, “most of these founders are people that we looked at and thought they were interesting or doing something different. We ask all of them ‘the tough questions’ designed to help our readers learn more from the mistakes of others, but we also give them plenty of space to talk about all of the factors that have propelled their successes. We’ve asked them plenty of light-hearted questions too!”

Vestd began posting the interviews last week, but the series will continue to be updated as the year goes on.

“I’d advise people at all stages of the business lifecycle to take a look. Every day is a school day in business and at times like these, it’s more crucial than ever to learn from each other and to celebrate each other’s successes.”

You can read The Vestd AMAs here: https://www.vestd.com/blog

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