04 August 2022

Techstars accelerator programme to have Web3 theme

Written By FinTech Alliance

Techstars accelerator programme to have Web3 theme

Techstars has partnered with Polygon to deliver a Web3 themes accelerator next year.

In Brief: 

The programme takes place in London in 2023, and will support 12 startups. 

Applications open on 29 August for businesses leveraging blockchain, crypto and NFT technologies. 

Techstars runs programmes involving mentorship and education for early stage entrepreneurs which Polygon is a platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. 

What does this mean? 

Techstars London powered by Polygon means there will be a whole team with blockchain expertise joining the programme which connects entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and educational resources – this will be a personalised programme over 13 weeks. The programmes conclude in a demo day to show the business ideas to investors, government, experts and the media. 

Read more here. 

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