10 June 2021

SumUp, Google Pay partner to support merchants

Written By FinTech Alliance

SumUp, Google Pay partner to support merchants

SumUp has announced it’s collaborating with Google Pay to enable merchants to make transactions using SumUp Card. 

In Brief:

SumUp card holders can add the SumUp card to their Google Pay wallet. 

It’s hoped that merchants will be able to make safer, quicker transactions. 

Merchants can also create virtual cards with Google Pay until they receive their SumUp card. 

What does this mean?

SumUp’s key goal is to make it easier for merchants, especially smaller businesses, to process payments at a lower cost. It’s now introduced a Mastercard so merchants can access the payments they receive the next day, improving cash flow. Using this on Google Pay, especially as a virtual card, will enable even more immediate access.

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