05 September 2023

LSEG plans new blockchain-powered marketplace

Written By FinTech Alliance

LSEG plans new blockchain-powered marketplace

The London Stock Exchange is drawing up plans for a new digital marketplace that would be built on blockchain technology.

In brief:

- Murray Roos, head of capital markets at the LSE Group, said that the firm had decided to push forward with the project after 12-months of internal debate

-The UK exchange is reportedly mulling a separate entity for the new venture

-Ross stressed that the project does not involve cryptocurrencies and only uses the blockchain technology underpinning the digital assets to make buying, selling and holding of traditional assets more efficient

What does this mean?

"The idea is to use digital technology to make a process that is slicker, smoother, cheaper and more transparent . . . and to have it regulated," Roos said.

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