27 September 2022

KYP launches third party enterprise risk intelligent platform

Written By FinTech Alliance

KYP launches third party enterprise risk intelligent platform

KYP, which took part in the FinTech Alliance 2022 Investment Series, has launched its platform. 

In Brief: 

KYP is a third party risk intelligence platform for enterprises. 

It offers merchant monitoring for acquirers and supply chain due diligence. 

Its services are continuous, including risk scoring for an Open Banking Third Party Providers and Invoice Risk Scoring each time a company pays out funds. 

What does this mean? 

Businesses having confidence in their partners, suppliers and providers is more important than ever as partnerships and ecosystems become increasingly popular. 

According to CEO and Founder Alan Nagle: “Organisations need a better way to manage their real-time financial and reputational risk in an increasingly open and connected world. We give organisations confidence and peace of mind empowering them to build more profitable relationships, to have the information to make informed decisions on risk.” 

Find out more about KYP on the company’s microsite.  

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