25 October 2022

FinTech West latest hub to launch marketplace with NayaOne

Written By FinTech Alliance

FinTech West latest hub to launch marketplace with NayaOne

FinTech West has partnered with digital sandbox business NayaOne to build a marketplace.

In Brief: 

The pair will develop an environment for FinTechs to collaborate, build projects and find customers. 

Firms will be able to use synthetic datasets from NayaOne to test ideas and match with potential partners. 

This follows a partnership between NayaOne and FinTech North earlier in the year to launch a similar marketplace. 

What does this mean? 

Firms in the West of England will be able to find new partnership opportunities and use the platform to test out new ideas via NayaOne’s Enterprise Marketplace. It's been developed in response to an increasing demand for FinTech services across various industries. 

Read more here. 

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