27 October 2022

DirectID’s James Varga joins TechPassport board

Written By FinTech Alliance

DirectID’s James Varga joins TechPassport board

James Varga, the Founder and CEO of DirectID, has joined the advisory board of TechPassport. 

In Brief: 

TechPassport aims to improve the onboarding journey when banks and financial institution wish to work with FinTechs. 

The business is putting together a Supplier Advisory Board for insights into how things work on the FinTech side. 

Varga has over 15 years of experience leveraging financial services as a global trust network. 

What does this mean? 

TechPassport is founded by Layla White, who was previously a procurement manager at HSBC and has seen first hand how difficult it can be for banks to onboard FinTechs which will help them innovate. 

The business is putting together a team of advisors from both banks and technology suppliers to help tackle the problem and is already supported by a number of Tier 1 global banks who wish to work more closely – and easily – with FinTechs. 

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