30 November 2021

Claiming R&D tax credits: Pollinate's story

Written By Laura Gallagher


Claiming R&D tax credits: Pollinate's story

When engaging Kene Partners to facilitate their first R&D claim, Pollinate were rewarded with a substantial benefit alongside first-class support.

The client: Pollinate

Founded in 2017, Pollinate are a financial technology business focused on reinventing merchant acquiring for banks around the world. Pollinate’s technology is an innovative cloud-based platform that wraps around a bank’s legacy payment system and powers merchant and consumer digital experiences including onboarding, portals, and loyalty programs.

What was the challenge?

Pollinate realised they did not have the information, resources or technical understanding of the R&D incentive scheme to submit a robust enough claim.  They wanted an end-to-end provider who could educate the team and explain exactly what projects might qualify. Support was needed to collate the relevant information into a detailed report using the appropriate government innovation incentive legislation as justification to back up their claim.

Identifying the R&D 

The software and financial services expertise within our team enabled Pollinate to swiftly identify qualifying projects, ensuring that all technical details were examined. Once the qualifying projects had been identified, we sat down with Pollinate’s financial team and assisted in translating their developments into qualifying R&D expenditure which could be included in the claim.

Following these conversations, we then processed the information we obtained through a workshop session and produced a detailed technical document to showcase Pollinate’s innovations and justify the costs in their submission to HMRC.

The result

We delivered a high-quality claim report, enabling Pollinate to be rewarded for their forward-thinking ideas, receiving a substantial cash boost. We have continued to work with Pollinate for three consecutive claims. 

“The software and financial services expertise within Kene Partners enabled us to swiftly identify qualifying projects ensuring that all technical details were examined. When we read the technical report, it was clear that our work and any technical terminology we used had made sense to the Kene Partners team” said Alastair Lukies CBE, CEO and Founder of Pollinate.

To find out how we can help you with your R&D claim, book a free 15-min consultation here. 


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