29 December 2022

Choise.com launches partnerships with Occam and Beefy to simplify its services

Written By Choise.com

Choise.com launches partnerships with Occam and Beefy to simplify its services

Choise.com integrated Beefy into its platform and launched a mega partnership with industrial giant Occam in November and December to improve its service delivery.

Choise.com is a crypto firm and earn marketplace that combines the best of the CeFi and DeFi worldsIt offers a unified ecosystem where people can easily find and make use of various financial solutions to earn on their digital assets. This allows Choise.com clients the chance to select the most promising products and enjoy high returns from their investments without having to delve too deep into technical details. 

Service delivery on Choise.com stands apart from other platforms. The Charism platform created and utilized by Choise.com is one of the infrastructures that make the company shine in the market. Charism was produced by in-house developers aiding users to perform financial transactions and helping them to make sound decisions on gaining in crypto products. 

Choise’s move to choose Beefy

Any Choise.com client ready to gain interest in crypto will be thrilled to know that Choise.com added Beefy to its platform. Beefy has a decentralized multi-chain yield optimizer with the capacity to allow users to gain interest. The platform applies smart contracts to investment strategies and maximizes rewards automatically through liquidity pools (LPS) and automated market making (AMM) together with other mechanisms in the DeFi environment.

Charism’s integration of Beefy has made earning simpler. Users gain access to networks such as Optimism, Polygon, Fantom, Metis, Arbitrum, BSC, and Avalanche, with up to 250 strategies and above.

Choise.com users can now access Beefy through Choise.com’s transaction builder. The transaction builder helps the user to swap and enter Charism earn products in a single transaction. It is convenient, fast, and cheap for users. In addition, the transaction builder and other contracts by Choise.com passed security audits with success. Therefore, seamless switching makes users choose the best-earning strategy. 

Beefy expands the number of networks that Choise.com offers to its users. It makes Charism an extended earning tool for the company. Through the Earn Aggregator page, a user can select Beefy and enjoy the available networks and strategies.

Expanded Partnership with Occam

OccamDAO powers the community and provides proficiency to build, improve and shape DeFi ecosystems for various L1 networks such as Velas, Cardano, Humanode, and Algorand. The interchain is DAO-governed. When an incubator is DAO-governed, it implies that the community manages and controls its operations. OccamDAO boasts of a highly vibrant principal market comprising a community of 40,000 token holders and 7,000 active users in DAO incubator.

As a founding member of the Interchain Alliance, OccamDAO carries a number of established players in the interchain liquidity and security space like Symbiosis Finance, Multichain and DeFi Yield, along with it. 

OccamDAO has seen creation of the largest ecosystems across crypto space. The platform works with foundations providing them with needed expertise. The team commits to proper acceleration and incubation through screening projects at different stages and following some concept description to the end.

The flexibility level of OccamDAO is indisputable. Through the DAO, projects can receive the help they need to boost their success. For instance, projects can get acceleration assistance in areas they require professional help, while others get full-fledged incubation support, like funding or shared delivery of the platform. 

Choise.com’s CHO token was integrated into Occam DAO Chakra Pool, whereby the company allotted 130,000 CHO to the pool. The presence of CHO in the pool is a better marketing opportunity for Choise.com because anytime users acquire CHAKRA, they indirectly get CHO increasing its presence in the market. 

Choise.com's partnership with Occam and integration with Beefy is one way to expand to other areas. The company is committed to simplifying earnings by making the platform user-friendly. The partnerships open room for future engagements with future developments.

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