09 December 2022

Choise.com has launched a new investment round worth $33mn

Written By Choise.com

Choise.com has launched a new investment round worth $33mn

Choise.com is an earning marketplace that has gained a lot of popularity in the crypto space over the recent months. The platform stands out by combining promising income-gaining solutions (such as staking, yield farming, liquidity pools, interest accounts, etc.) into a unified, integrated ecosystem. By doing so Choise.com aims to fully develop the potential of the crypto space and give users the best possible experience from both sectors.

Recently we have announced the launch of our new $33M investment round as part of our plans for future expansion. Investors’ funds amassed via the round will allow for our platform to fully develop its potential. The funds will be used to finance the following strategies:

  • User retention: $12M to acquire and retain 2M active users, thus bolstering the usage of our native CHO token;
  • Buybacks: $10M to buy CHO back from from early seed and private investors, thus increasing the demand for the token and its price;
  • Product improvement: $6M to improve our product line and fund the development of new services, catering to the needs of both retail and institutional crypto investors;
  • Exchange listing: $5M to improve CHO listing strategy so that the token is supported by the biggest exchanges.

Choise.com previous funding campaigns have allowed the platform to fully develop its potential. The fund raising started in May 2022 with the CHO token sale and has already secured $15M allowing for the launch of new equity sales on the Seedrs platform.

The first round was a success, over-founding the initial target of €1M by a whole 210%. The CHO token has since witnessed a price increase of more than 350%, and over €3.1 million were raised from European investors on the Seedrs platform

Investors' funds got put to great use, increasing the number of registered users from 500K to 750K, as well as achieving a 500% leap in institutional clients. The company expanded and made the best of the acquired funds, achieving all the goals that we set for ourselves. 

Additionally, within 36 months, Choise.com plans to become one of the leading service providers of the crypto market with more than 2M registered users, more than $10B under management in deposit and crypto investment products (TVL) and top 20 positioning of our native token CHO on CoinMarketCap.

“Our platform’s advantages create new simple and accessible solutions for crypto enthusiasts, both newcomers and experienced alike. Raising the $33M will allow for extensive development of the company, achieving and maintaining our leadership,” – said Austin Kimm, Director of Strategy & Investments at Choise.com.

Learn more about Choise.com and its industry-leading work to date at our website.

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