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A Product Manager looking for career advice and guidance

A Maths with Finance student looking to gain insight to the industry.

A international business final year student looking to get a head start into the banking industry

Wealth Management Associate looking to expand network and move into purpose-driven Fintech.

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I’m looking for a mentor who could help me with the Sales aspect of my Fintech SaaS solution (B2B)...

Finance Graduate interested in learning about investment strategies e.g hedge funds, banking and wea...

Product Owner looking to advance his career

European Financials investor (public equities) wanting to learn more about UK FinTech & Venture land...

I am a passionate self learner who love to learn material and field outside of the scope of school.....

Commercially minded Finance business partner looking to move into the Fintech space

A Product manager that would like to enrich my knowledge in FinTech

Technical Founder looking for guidance in the Retail Banking sector

An entrepreneur looking to enter into the Fintech space