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White Papers Payments

ISO 20022: Better data means better payments - Why correspondent banking needs ISO 20022 now

19 November 2019

Correspondent banking payments have been a core component of transaction banking for decades, genera...

White Papers FinTech

Q3 2019 Rise FinTech Report

01 November 2019

Welcome to the third edition of the Rise FinTech report. In this edition, we focus on the evolvin...

White Papers Technology

UK Tech on the Global Stage

31 October 2019

Scaleups are driving UK global tech advantage. Ambitious tech entrepreneurs across the country are m...

White Papers Business

The Future of Southeast Asia’s Digital Financial Services

31 October 2019

“Fulfilling Its Promise—The future of Southeast Asia’s digital financial services&...

White Papers Innovation

The $1 Trillion Opportunity ~ Mobile Financial Services in Emerging Markets

31 October 2019

Our complimentary whitepaper, The $1 Trillion Opportunity ~ Mobile Financial Services in Emergi...

White Papers Technology

Tech and FinTech investment - UK market overview

31 October 2019

Large corporates, corporate venture funds, and their investee businesses invest in, acquire, and par...

White Papers Open Banking

The Brave New World of Open Banking

31 October 2019

What banks can learn from 17th-century Dutch traders: Most market watchers now view Open Banking...

White Papers Banking

Banking Business Models Fit for the Path Ahead - Winning in the Digital Economy

31 October 2019

Learn how banks can change their business models in revolutionary ways to maintain future growth val...

White Papers Innovation

Managing technology innovation

31 October 2019

Transformational technologies are no longer viewed as just a way to keep up with trends and competit...

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