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White Papers Technology

'Should auld acquaintance be forgot? - The digital future of financial advice'

14 January 2020

The digital future of financial advice Learn from the experts about how disruptive digital techno...

White Papers Technology

Streamlining the Automotive Claims Process via Integrated Intelligent Automation

10 January 2020

As intelligent automation (IA) emerges as a best practice across numerous industries, insurers and t...

White Papers FinTech

Latin America: Global Investors’ New FinTech Frontier

09 January 2020

Insights from Leading Banks, Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors

White Papers FinTech

What will the future of banking look like?

09 January 2020

Big tech, fintech and increased regulation are putting pressure on banking incumbents. How can they...

White Papers Payments

Merchant Acquiring Report 2019

09 January 2020

If merchant acquirers are to outperform increasing competition from new entrants, they must leverage...

White Papers FinTech

A Roadmap For FinTech Firms Entering Fast-Growing Emerging Marketing

09 January 2020

Fintech firms are finding growth opportunities establishing a presence in emerging markets. This pap...

White Papers Business

Fluid Dynamics: Taking the First Steps in the Changing Liquidity Landscape

08 January 2020

Exciting developments in new technologies are beginning to reshape the business models and operation...

White Papers Regulation

Monetary policy and birth rates: the effect of mortgage rate pass-through on fertility

02 January 2020

This paper examines whether monetary policy pass‑through to mortgage rates affects household fertili...

White Papers FinTech

FinTech by the numbers: Incumbents, startups, and investors adapt to FinTech evolution

20 December 2019

From disruptive threat to enabling partner, fintech has entered a new phase of its evolution. Our in...

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